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Your Wives and Girlfriends prefer to take on large packages... because they crave it.
Cuckold Phone Sex Cuckold Phone Sex Cuckold Phone Sex
We will be sure to let you know when we are ready for your slobbering mouth to clean up the mess!

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We are a group of women of various ages, nationalities, and from all over the horny US of A that believe we have the right to fuck who we please, when we please. Of course most of us are married, have boyfriends, commitments... but that doesn't matter. We're involved with cuckholds... men, losers, fluffers, and wimps. We rule our relationships, we deny them any and all pussy while we do what we want. We sincerely believe that a penis is like a fish..the little ones you throw back, and the big ones you mount. It's in our personalities to be in charge, it's our lifestyles, and furthermore we just rule the roost. We're women and girls who know how to have a good time... with men other than our partners.... and we know damn well how to do the same with our phone sex calls. If you have a cuckhold fantasy then we are experienced and know how to roleplay it. Perhaps you prefer to hear our stories, adventures, and cock stories. Or even better... tell us about YOURS jerk off... you are here for a reason and we know it.
cuckold phone sex

Loser Phone Sex

Cuckolds enjoy cheating wives, girlfriends, even when they protest it. A cuckold loves the emotional/mental torture and the sexual frustration he gets from not having a choice!

A cuckold knows his place whether he admits to liking it or not. He knows he is either a wimp, has a small penis, or is just a little wishy washy loser in general! He tends to be submissive (or should be) and he has a love/hate feel towards his sexual denial.

A cuckold is lucky to be a part of his “partner’s” affairs on some level. Sometime he is lucky enough to be included; sometimes he is pathetic enough to only get to hear stories. The cuckold enjoys the power a woman owns from her sexuality!

Some cuckolds need to be feminized. Many deserve it due to their puny packages, useless teeny cocks, and their wimpy personalities. Many cuckolds are barely men, and probably all women notice it… but only a true cuckoldress will exploit it!

Some cuckolded freaks even have an interest in bi-sexuality… the desire to serve both his woman and her real man. He may be the fluffer for her, he may be asked to do degrading humiliating things in front of the macho real man. The cuckdress may just laugh her ass off at the whole spectacle.

cuckold phone sex
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